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It will be as simple, secure, reliable and way cheaper than other platforms..

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About us

Touch Payment Services is an Indian company, with branches in the USA and UAE, operating on an online payment system. With Touch Pay Inc, now you can easily send, receive funds to your loved ones and even to international businesses, without any bar of currencies, and at a very affordable price. All the process is very simple, secure and reliable. At Touch pay inc. we value time, so we assure all the transactions within a few seconds and it is our responsibility to deliver your money to you within the blink of an eye.

It is simple, secure, reliable and way cheaper than other platforms...


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For Individuals

Send & Recieve Money with Blink of an Eye.

For Businesses

Local/International Business Like Never Before

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For Individuals

Touch Pay gives you the convenience of easy and secure online payment. You can deliver your money safely and quickly to your bank accounts in the world with minor Fees. You can easily pay online while remaining away from other problems, Touch Pay takes full responsibility to protect your money and protect you from frauds.

So pay with us without fear of fraud.!

We always protect our users from risk.


For Businesses

If you're ready to sell online services or products then we are ready to provide you a global payment solution. our service is easy, fast, safe, and simple, all security controls are always ready to detect fraud for you.

We are providing you a Payment solution with the best Payment security standard, which protects you from fraud. So that you can accept payment with full security in many countries around the globe.

we assure you, with Touch Pay, your business can grow a lot, Give your business a new height and accept payment online with peace of mind.

We always protect our users from risk.

Openly increase your business without any fear!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a perfect global payments solution for us?

Yes, here is the right global payment platform for you because nothing has been hidden from you here, whatever is the privacy policy and terms and conditions mentioned on our website, we only follow those mentioned.

You can use your national IDs in two directions, business and personal only because your account is protected so that there is no cheating on you!

It depends on the law of your country, Just like the SSN or driving licence is used in the USA, Emirates ID in UAE and Adhar Card in India!

Your account becomes active as soon as you Sign up, but verification takes some time, but right after opening verifying the account you can accept payment!


Of course, we have to keep you safe from the current and developmental hazards.

Can we make 100% safe payment here?

We claim here that you will not face any problem in the transaction, you can make a 100% safe payment.

It is also against our policy. We never share our client's data. You can trust us completely.

If you save your card details on (PAYMENT GATEWAY) OR you have funds in your wallet, then you will not have to give out card details again and again.


Do we have to pay for our business account every time?

No, you do not have to pay any other charge here. Also, we do not charge for maintaining the account.

Yes, we give you a fairly affordable price compared to the rest of the app.

Yes, all of your transactional needs will complete here. We are present for you 24 hours.